In the realm of holistic healthcare, the pursuit of beauty often extends beyond a dazzling smile to encompass the entire face. Facial aesthetics, an ever-popular field, embraces the idea that a harmonious balance between dental and facial features can enhance overall wellbeing. According to much loved Dentistry magazine, your trusted dentist, armed with a deep understanding of facial anatomy, is uniquely positioned to offer expert guidance and services in facial aesthetics.

Why choose a dentist to do your facial aesthetics?

We must say that we agree with the concept of dentists performing facial aesthetics. As dentists, we have undergone extensive training in facial anatomy during our dental education and are therefore uniquely equipped to provide facial aesthetic services. Our understanding of the intricate interplay between muscles, bones, and soft tissues enables us to perform treatments with precision and a keen eye for detail. Moreover, our commitment to patient comfort and safety is ingrained in dental practices around the UK and particularly in our dental practice in Ely. These high standards extend seamlessly to facial aesthetic procedures, ensuring a holistic and trustworthy approach to your wellbeing.

Facial aesthetics at Enhance Dental Centre in Ely

Anti-wrinkle treatments and injections

One of the cornerstones of facial aesthetics is anti-wrinkle treatments. These work by temporarily paralysing muscles responsible for wrinkles, often resulting in a smoother and more youthful appearance. The benefits of anti-wrinkle injections extend beyond aesthetics, as it has been used in treating various medical conditions such as migraines and excessive sweating.

The meticulous administration of anti-wrinkle injections by our highly skilled dentist and registered practitioner, Dr Lau Berraondo ensures not only enhanced facial aesthetics but also safety and precision. With an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, he can deliver natural-looking results tailored to your needs and face structure.

If you are looking for a simple, non-surgical procedure to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, we can help. The treatment comprises a consultation, and ultra fine needles are used on the skin to relax the muscles. Usually, the benefits last an average of four months.

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Chemical peels

For those seeking to rejuvenate their skin and address issues such as fine lines, sun damage, and uneven skin tone, chemical peels offer a transformative solution. This non-invasive procedure involves the application of a chemical solution to exfoliate the outer layer of skin, revealing smoother and healthier skin beneath. Peels have grown in popularity over the past two decades and are a highly effective treatment for acne.

There are several different types of medical peels, which can be used on different parts of the face and body, including the hands, neck, arms, and legs. Some peels are used as a one-off, and others are used in a series of treatments, depending on what you would like to achieve. You can book a consultation with our highly skilled Associate Cosmetic Dentist, Noemi Banhidi. Her careers spans over two decades, and she can expertly perform chemical peels and facial aesthetics treatments, ensuring a personalised approach that aligns with your skin type and desired outcomes.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers, another facet of facial aesthetics, are versatile injectables used to restore volume and fullness to the face. From plumping lips to filling in wrinkles and deep lines, dermal fillers provide a non-surgical solution for achieving a radiant and refreshed appearance. Dentists, with our profound knowledge of facial anatomy, are adept at strategically administering dermal fillers to enhance contours and achieve a natural-looking result.

There are different types of filler and usually, the thicker the filler, the deeper it will go into the dermal layer of the skin. Talk to our friendly team today to find out the best facial aesthetics treatment for you.

Put your trust in us for your facial aesthetic needs

When you choose to have injectable cosmetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, it’s important to feel safe and comfortable. Put your trust in our hands, your dentist in Ely, to unveil the rejuvenation of facial aesthetics. We want you to radiate confidence and feel like the best version of you. Chat to our friendly team today about any facial aesthetics or dental treatments you are considering, and we will offer advice and provide you with a full consultation.

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