Restore strength, shape and appearance to damaged teeth

Crowns are a very effective restorative treatment option, offering neat and complete protection for unsightly teeth that may be affecting your smile. They can be an aesthetic choice, with porcelain crowns able to be colour matched to your natural teeth for a seamless appearance.

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Why choose a crown?

If you have a tooth that is letting down the rest of your smile, or affecting your confidence, we can return its strength and function with a crown. As it is securely fixed into place, a crown protects your tooth from any further damage. Crowns can be made from a range of materials, including metal for superior strength and porcelain for an incredibly natural appearance.

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What does the treatment involve?

Firstly, we examine your teeth and gums, ensuring they are healthy and the internal structure of the tooth to be crowned is stable, with no signs of infection. We discuss the treatment in detail with you, including material choices and expected costs.

We prepare your tooth for treatment by removing a layer of the enamel structure, ensuring we create enough space to accommodate your crown. We take impressions of your prepared tooth, and ensure we take a note of your natural tooth colour so your final crown can be made to perfectly fit into your smile.

When your new crown is ready, we remove your temporary crown and securely fit your final one in place using strong dental cement.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • The best way to look after your crown is to keep up with a great oral hygiene routine at home, including brushing and flossing twice a day. It is also important to visit your dentist for regular check ups so they can keep an eye on your crown and the tooth underneath.

  • Crowns are not likely to last a lifetime, but with the correct care, you can expect your crown to last up to 10-15 years. As some of your tooth structure is removed to accommodate the crown, you will need to be fitted with a replacement when your previous restoration is removed.

  • We use local anaesthetic during your treatment to minimise your discomfort and help you feel no pain. We also ensure you are feeling relaxed and at ease before beginning the procedure.

  • If your crown becomes loose, chipped or damaged, please contact us as soon as you can. We may be able to repair small areas of damage easily. In some cases, we may replace the whole crown to give you back your tooth function and appearance.

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