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If you are lacking bone density in your upper jaw, you may not be a suitable candidate for conventional dental implants, which require bone to fuse with for a stable result. Innovative zygomatic implants can be used without the need for a bone graft, as their longer length reaches the cheekbone (the zygomatic arch) for a strong and aesthetic outcome.

At Enhance, we are proud to be one of the very few dental practices offering zygomatic implants.

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How do zygomatic implants work?

Zygomatic implants work in a similar way to All on 4 treatment, able to produce a beautiful and functional set of teeth in just one day. Up to four traditional implants are used to support a natural looking dental bridge, with two long zygomatic implants placed at the rear, anchored into the cheekbone for additional stability.

Missing teeth can cause sagging to your facial structure and lead to a reduced jawbone not suitable for implant treatment. Zygomatic implants enable us to fit you with secure, stable, aesthetic and functional teeth in a faster and more efficient way, restoring your confidence and helping you smile again. They are successful even in cases of extreme bone loss.

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What does the treatment involve?

Once we have decided that zygomatic implants are the best option for you, we plan your treatment, the number of implants you need and where they will be placed. Our advanced digital technology ensures the process is accurate and precise.

Your zygomatic implants are placed by our skilled implantologist, using local anaesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable during the surgery. We fit a secure bridge of natural looking replacement teeth onto the implants, giving you a confident new smile in just one day.

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Our visiting implantologist

Dr Richard Brookshaw

GDC: 72150

All our zygomatic implant treatments are carried out at the practice by visiting dental implant surgeon Richard Brookshaw.

Richard Brookshaw is a highly skilled dental implant surgeon. He has placed more than 5000 implants and is one of only a handful of implant surgeons nationwide who can carry out implant surgery in patients with extreme bone loss, using specifically designed zygomatic implants.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Zygomatic implants are designed for patients who have lost bone structure from the upper jaw, and are therefore not able to have traditional implants. They use your cheekbones for added support so are only suitable for the upper jaw.

  • We use IV sedation for all cases provided by our visiting medical anaesthetist to minimise your discomfort using implant surgery, so you shouldn’t feel any pain. We make sure you are feeling calm and relaxed before beginning the procedure, and do have the option of using dental sedation if necessary.

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