Let’s delve into the world of wisdom teeth, oral surgery, and tooth extractions. As your trusted dentist in Ely, Cambridgeshire, we believe in providing not only exceptional dental care but also empowering our patients with knowledge about their oral health.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically appear in the late teens or early twenties. They are the last set of molars to emerge in the mouth, usually at the back of the jaw. While some people have no issues with their wisdom teeth, others may experience various complications.

Why might wisdom teeth need to be removed?

The eruption of wisdom teeth can often lead to overcrowding, misalignment, or impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth occur when there isn’t enough space for them to fully emerge, causing them to become trapped beneath the gum line. This can lead to pain, infection, and damage to neighbouring teeth. In such cases, extraction may be necessary to prevent further complications and maintain oral health.

At our dental practice in Ely, we always strive to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. However, there are instances where wisdom teeth removal is the best course of action to safeguard your overall dental well-being.

Possible complications

As with all surgery there is a slight risk of complication. According to the NHS website, removing a wisdom tooth could cause an infection or delayed healing. Other complications include dry socket, which is an aching or dull pain suffered in the gum or jaw, alongside a bad smell or taste coming from the socket. This can happen when the patient hasn’t followed aftercare instructions.

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Tooth extractions

We will always do everything possible to save natural teeth, but occasionally it’s necessary to perform tooth extractions or surgical treatments to relieve a patient from pain or address a dental issue. At Enhance Dental, all our oral surgery procedures are performed by using local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. We create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in our surgery and will keep you informed every step of the way.

The art of tooth extraction

Tooth extraction, including the removal of wisdom teeth, is a common dental procedure performed by our skilled oral surgeons. Rest assured, our team is highly trained and experienced in oral surgery techniques, ensuring a comfortable and efficient process.

Our brand-new, purpose-built dental facility in Ely boasts state-of-the-art technology, providing you with the highest standard of care. From digital imaging to sedation options, we utilise the latest advancements in dentistry to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

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Aftercare tips following tooth extraction

After any oral surgery or tooth extraction, we will provide you with detailed aftercare advice. It’s vital to follow these aftercare instructions to promote healing and minimise discomfort. You may feel a little sore at the extraction site and maybe have some swelling. Here are some tips to help you recover smoothly:

Manage pain: Take prescribed pain medication as directed by us to alleviate any discomfort. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also be used as needed.

Control bleeding: Bite down gently on a gauze pad placed over the extraction site to help control bleeding. Change the gauze as needed and avoid vigorous rinsing or spitting.

Rest and relaxation: Take it easy for the first few days following the procedure. Avoid strenuous activities that could disrupt the healing process.

Maintain oral hygiene: Continue to brush your teeth gently, avoiding the extraction site. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to keep the area clean and promote healing.

Follow dietary restrictions: Stick to soft foods and liquids for the first few days, gradually reintroducing solid foods as tolerated. Avoid hot, spicy, or crunchy foods that could irritate the extraction site.

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In safe hands at our Ely dental practice

When you choose our dental practice in Ely for your oral health needs, you can trust that you’re in safe hands. Our exceptional team is dedicated to providing personalised care tailored to your unique needs and concerns.

Whether you require wisdom teeth removal, oral surgery, or routine dental care, we’re here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Contact us today on 01353 666895 to schedule your appointment and experience the difference at our state-of-the-art facility in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Remember, your oral health is our priority, and we’re committed to helping you smile with confidence!

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