I’m a 45-year-old father of three and I’ve decided to write this blog as I’m going to work in refugee camps next week. Oh yes and I’m a dentist too! Many of you know me as a light-hearted person and I’ll try to keep writing like that, although you’ll all have to forgive me if I get serious now and then. I suspect, for example, that there will be times when light and jokey isn’t appropriate.

I like to think of myself as hardworking, dedicated and empathetic, and at Enhance I carry out some complicated and advanced dental work from dental implantology to full mouth rehabilitation. In Greece things will be very different. Extremely basic equipment and emergency Dentistry. The emotional and psychological effect of being in the camps is the unknown quantity. Add working in tents in over 45 degree heat and the week will be challenging to say the least.

I’m still not sure if I’ll keep tapping in my thoughts and observations after I come back… guess it depends if I enjoy it or find it cathartic! I’m not much of a writer but hopefully that’s a talent that will develop as I write more (don’t hold your breath). I suspect if you’re reading this you are either a family member or a very close friend… If you’re anyone else then welcome, but surely you must have something better to do!

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