Ever wondered why people with good teeth seem to have it all? Well, it turns out, these people aren’t just happy and successful by chance. Here, we let you in on 4 things people with great smiles have in common.

They are more positive

It’s believed that when the people around us are happy, we are more likely to be happy. And there’s plenty of research to support this.Evidence suggests that when people are exposed to the positive facial expressions of others, they experience a release of dopamine, evoking uplifting emotions.

It’s also fair to say that people are drawn to happier people and prefer to spend time with those who have a brighter outlook on life. You’ve probably noticed that your positivity has a powerful impact on your relationships and strengthens your connections with friends, family, and co-workers.

Studies have also shown that people who smile the most are happier overall. That being said, if you’re proud of your teeth, you’re much more likely to feel comfortable enough to smile as often as your heart desires.

Contrastingly, people who don’t like the look of their teeth can be too self-conscious to smile or laugh freely. Sadly, they feel the need to keep their teeth hidden through fear of being judged by others. If your teeth are hindering you from expressing yourself, remember that you have the power to change that.

They have are more successful

Making connections with people is the key to succeeding in life. First impressions are everything, and a person’s mouth is one of the first things you see when meeting someone new. Since your mouth is a focal point during conversations, you want to have a nice-looking smile that’s appealing to others.

Interestingly, a study conducted by VisionCritical for the Daily Mail signified that people associate whiter teeth with wealth and higher social status. It even showed that good teeth improved people’s employment potential by 10 per cent.

It’s also true that those who are content with the way they look are often more motivated to go out into the world and reach their full potential. And a quick solution to improving your overall appearance is by upgrading your smile.

They’re confident

Self-confidence is an invaluable trait but for many people, it doesn’t come naturally. Those who are held back by teeth they’re ashamed of are at risk of having lower self-esteem.

There are many non-invasive procedures available to improve the look of your smile, such as whitening, braces, and veneers, which can solve common insecurities people have. However, it’s important to work with a dental professional you can trust to protect yourself from things going wrong and the risk of causing permanent damage. The experts can help enable you to radiate confidence that others will notice.

They are healthier

We all strive to keep ourselves healthy as we know this allows us to make the most out of life. So it’s important to know that having good oral health is paramount to overall well-being. Poor oral health has been known to cause inflammation and lead to other infections in the body.

Bad breath can be a sign of an unhealthy mouth. If you suffer from bad breath, it may be because your teeth are not aligned. Having straighter teeth allows you to keep them properly clean and avoid bacteria building up in hard-to-reach places.

What’s more, it’s been found that smiling contributes to a well-functioning immune system and can boost our body’s resistance. Even more of a reason to flash those pearly whites!

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