Whiter, straighter teeth have become an anti-ageing no-brainer. That being said, ceramic veneers are an effective solution to achieve a younger smile. Perhaps that’s why, along with teeth whitening and Invisalign braces, it’s one of our most popular procedures for patients who want to look younger and improve their overall appearance.

A veneer is essentially a thin shell of porcelain which fits over the front of the teeth that show when you smile. Each veneer is custom-made to achieve a natural, beautiful smile.

At Enhance we design a unique treatment plan for you to help you achieve the best possible results. Your teeth are prepared and then with you and our specialist laboratory partners, we design and make your ceramic veneers. You’ll then be invited to return to the clinic to have them bonded into place.

They fix discolouration

According to some beauty experts, skin tone is seen as a measure of youth. And the same goes for the shade of our teeth. As we age, our teeth often become discoloured. Peroxide will lift the overall shade of your teeth, but it can’t always completely get rid of genetic blemishes, or discoloured spots from things such as decalcification in water or certain medicines.

They cover chips and cracks

Tooth breakages of any kind suggest weak and brittle bones or teeth which have worn over time. This is a common marker of ageing. Veneers are a great way to fix unsightly imperfect teeth, without the need for painful extraction or serious repair.

They close up your gaps

While Vanessa Paradis can pull off her beautiful, gap-toothed smile, not everyone wants to keep theirs! Tooth gaps can be instantly ageing but veneers fix any spaces you wish to close up while allowing you to avoid lengthy orthodontic treatments.

People with genetically small, thin, or pointy teeth may also benefit from veneers, which will give them well-shaped teeth, and contribute to an attractive face — giving the impression of a facelift.

If you take good care of your veneers, they can last for years. It’s crucial that your examinations and cleaning sessions are only performed by a dentist or hygienist, specifically trained in taking care of veneers to avoid any potential damage.

At Enhance Dental Centre, we always ensure you can maintain your results for as long as possible by providing you with a comprehensive aftercare plan. Our experts redesign hundreds of smiles every year, from a few teeth to full mouth rehabilitations. At Enhance, our clinicians provide free dental consultations to discuss general options for your teeth. Why not speak with one of them today about our range of procedures and what each one entails?

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