Did you know that your teeth enamel is the strongest substance in your body? It’s even stronger than your bones. Nonetheless, your teeth are not indestructible and you ought to care for them adequately.

There are a few habits which can damage our teeth and while some are developed subconsciously, others are as a result of our lifestyle choices. Check out this list of the top 10 harmful habits as you can be causing costly and even irreversible damage to your teeth.

Eating Lots of Sugary Foods

Sugar is broken down into acids by bacteria in your mouth; this acid eats away at your enamel and causes tooth decay. Over time, tooth decay leads to severe toothache, infection and even tooth loss. After consuming acidic beverages or foods, minimize enamel erosion by rinsing with water and/or waiting at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Using Your Teeth Incorrectly

Using your teeth for chewing things other than food can cause a great deal of damage. Many people chew on hard objects such as pencils, tear packages and open bottles with their teeth. Even chewing ice repeatedly can cause permanent damage. These habits put unnecessary stress on your teeth which can lead to chips, fractures, and cracks. Curb this habit at all costs!

Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

Don’t assume that a hard toothbrush and greater pressure will ensure that your teeth are cleaner and healthier. In fact, applying a lot of pressure when brushing is bad for your teeth as it causes your gum to recede and can eventually lead to enamel erosion. Yikes! Instead, use a soft toothbrush and work with soft and gentle circular motions.


Tobacco causes bad teeth because it increases plaque buildup and causes tooth decay. Smokers are also more likely to lose teeth compared to nonsmokers due to gum disease associated with smoking.

Nail biting

This nervous habit not only robs you of your nails but can chip teeth and impact your jaw. Additionally, the dirt and germs trapped under your fingers get transferred to your mouths and can result in  a gum disease called gingivitis.

Grinding Your Teeth

Oftentimes you won’t know that you’re grinding your teeth while asleep unless someone tells you. However, if you experience worn, damaged or sensitive teeth, as well as a painful jaw, face or ear then be sure to check your dentist to assess if you have developed this habit. Apart from the muscle tenderness and joint pain, this habit also causes chipping or cracking of the teeth.

Drinking Loads of Coffee

Due to the dark color and acidity of coffee, it can cause yellowing of the teeth over time. We’d much rather be known for a pearly white smile and whitening tends to be quite costly.

Heavy Alcohol Intake

People who consume a lot of alcohol have higher plaque levels on their teeth and are three times as likely to suffer from permanent tooth loss. This likely happens because alcohol dries the mouth, preventing saliva from cleaning the mouth and killing bacteria.

Misusing Toothpicks and Floss

If used too often and incorrectly, toothpicks can ruin the enamel and scratch the teeth. Constantly shoving toothpicks deep between the cracks of your teeth can  also cause them to shift and form gaps.

Not Visiting The Dentist

While you may not see this as a destructive habit, deliberately avoiding regular checkups at the dentist means that the health of your teeth remains unchecked. When underlying problems are not addressed, they often lead to costly corrective procedures. Schedule and commit to regular appointments to maintain healthy teeth, detect minor problems and correct potential dangers to your oral health.

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