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Having a tooth filled is an incredibly common dental procedure, used to repair damage and fill cavities caused by decay. Composite fillings are a highly aesthetic option, rebuilding teeth and restoring them back to full functionality while not compromising on appearance.

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Why have a composite filling?

Composite is now a very popular choice for a filling, with many patients opting for the natural look. The composite material perfectly mimics tooth enamel once it is hardened, and is able to be colour matched to ensure a seamless blend.

Composite fillings are very effective at restoring decayed, chipped, worn and broken teeth. Modern advances in dentistry mean composite is strong and durable, with qualities similar to traditional silver amalgam fillings but with no metal included. It can be used for teeth anywhere in the mouth and is a much less invasive procedure.

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How are composite fillings placed?

To begin, we remove the decayed part of your tooth, using local anaesthetic to minimise your discomfort as we work. We apply a special gel to your tooth, which enables the composite material to successfully bond and form a strong and solid repair.

We match the shade of the composite to your natural tooth and place it in layers, sculpting the desired shape and size. We harden the composite using a blue UV light, so it sets and gains full function immediately. To finish, we polish your tooth to ensure the filling blends perfectly and looks natural.

You can leave the practice directly after your filling appointment and return to your normal activities, as no downtime is needed.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Yes, if you have silver amalgam fillings but would rather swap them for natural looking white composite, this is possible. We can completely remove the amalgam from your tooth and fit a composite filling in place, enhancing the appearance while retaining the strength and durability.

  • No one will be able to tell you have a composite filling in your tooth. We carefully match the colour of the material we use to your natural shade, ensuring it blends seamlessly and is not noticeable when you smile or talk.

  • If your composite filling breaks or gets damaged, don’t panic! Composite is very easy to repair, as it bonds to itself as well as to your tooth. We can quickly and easily repair small areas of damage. For larger breaks, we may remove the existing filling and replace it instead. This is still able to take place in just a single appointment.

  • Your composite filling should last for up to 10 years if looked after correctly. Although they are strong and durable, natural wear and tear can cause them to need to be replaced. However, this is a simple procedure and does not take long.

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