For many, a trip to the dentist can trigger anxiety and nervousness. According to Bupa, around 36% of adults have a fear of the dentist. 12% of those people suffer from extreme dental anxiety. Therefore, if it’s something that affects you, please understand you are not alone.

 At our purpose-built modern dental practice in Ely, Cambridgeshire, we understand the unique needs of nervous patients. From a serene waiting area to thoughtful tips and dental sedation options, we prioritise your comfort and well-being.

We encourage you not to be put off having dental treatment, particularly if you are suffering from any dental pain or you’re finding it hard to eat or chew. Our team are on hand to provide pain-free, calm dental treatments in a non-judgmental environment. Whatever your reasons for not seeing a dentist for some time, please know you are in safe hands at Enhance Dental Centre in Ely.

nervous patients

We understand the reasons for not seeing the dentist

It’s essential for us as dental professionals to understand the reasons why people don’t like visiting the dentist and work towards creating a more patient-friendly environment.

Fear of pain – many people associate dental visits with pain, especially if they’ve had a negative experience in the past. We will ensure your visit is pain-free.

General anxiety – some individuals experience anxiety related to medical environments, and this can extend to dental practices. Our calm surroundings give you the chance to relax, and you can speak with a member of our team to help you.

Financial constraints – the cost of dental care, especially for procedures without private health insurance, can be a significant barrier for some individuals. We offer dental finance options to help spread the costs of your dental treatment.

Past trauma – individuals who have had traumatic or negative experiences with dentists in the past may be hesitant to seek dental care again. We understand this and will endeavour to change your perceptions of visiting the dentist.

Embarrassment – people with oral health issues may feel embarrassed about the condition of their teeth, fearing judgment from their dentist. We will never judge you, and you will receive honest and personalised advice and treatment recommendations.

Busy schedule – some people may have demanding schedules or jobs that make it challenging to find time for dental appointments. We offer some early morning and evening appointments to fit around your work commitments.

Calm surroundings

Creating a comfortable environment

Our practice is designed to ease the nerves of even the most anxious patients. The calm waiting area is carefully curated to be away from any clinical sounds, allowing patients to gather their thoughts and find tranquillity before their appointment. The aim is to create an environment that promotes relaxation, helping patients feel more at ease during their dental visit.

Tips for nervous patients

Book an early appointment with us – schedule your dental appointment early in the day to avoid prolonged anticipation and anxiety. This way, you can tackle the appointment and move on with your day.

Inform our friendly reception team – please let our reception team know about your nervousness when booking your appointment. Our compassionate staff is trained to provide additional support and make your visit as stress-free as possible.

Bring a friend with you – having a familiar face by your side can offer emotional support and make the experience more comfortable. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to accompany you during your dental appointment.

Wear headphones – you can block out any clinical sounds by wearing headphones during your treatment. Listening to your favourite music or a calming podcast can distract you from any anxiety-inducing sounds and create a more soothing atmosphere.

dental sedation

Dental sedation options

 For those seeking an extra layer of relaxation, dental sedation can really help you. We offer two main types of sedation.

IV Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered through a vein, inducing a state of deep relaxation and drowsiness. While you will remain conscious, the anxiety and fear associated with dental procedures are significantly reduced.

Inhalation Sedation (Nitrous Oxide)

Also known as “laughing gas,” inhalation sedation involves breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This light sedative helps patients relax without putting them to sleep, making it a safe and effective option for dental anxiety.

Benefits of dental sedation for nervous patients

Reduced anxiety – Dental sedation helps alleviate anxiety and nervousness, making the overall experience more pleasant for the patient.

Improved comfort – Sedation ensures that patients remain comfortable during longer or more complex procedures, minimising discomfort and stress.

Enhanced cooperation – Patients under sedation are more likely to cooperate during dental treatments, allowing the dentist to perform procedures more efficiently.

Your dental health is essential, and we believe that it shouldn’t come at the expense of anxiety. In Ely, Cambridgeshire, our purpose-built modern practice is dedicated to providing a calming environment and a range of thoughtful options to ensure a positive experience for even the most nervous patients. Don’t let anxiety hinder your oral health – let us make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

If you are a nervous dental patient, please don’t delay getting the treatment you need. Our calm and friendly team are on hand to help you every step of the way! Call us today on 01353 666895 or email [email protected]

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