There is nothing worse than trying to hide your smile because you are embarrassed by your teeth.  If you have lost a tooth, you can end up feeling unattractive and unhappy about the way your teeth look.

Losing one or more teeth also changes the way that you eat; chewing food can become more difficult and you may tend to chew on just one side. If teeth have gone missing at the front and you have dentures, it is easy to feel afraid that they will ‘drop’ as you smile, exposing the fact that your teeth are false. Even worse, what if you chew something hard and the dentures get stuck in the food? In social situations this can be extremely upsetting but it doesn’t have to remain this way.

3 ways in which dental implants can boost self-esteem and well-being

If you are suffering due to missing teeth or having dentures that you don’t feel comfortable with, then considering dental implants is an option that you may wish to look at.  Here are just three reasons why:

Say goodbye to dentures

Recent scientific research has shown that ‘implant retained oral rehabilitation of missing teeth’ has a positive impact upon quality of life, including ‘occupational, health, emotional and sexual.’ This is no surprise as dental implants can look and feel like natural teeth.  Because they are inserted directly into the jawbone with a titanium ‘root’, the surrounding tissues gradually integrate, resulting in an incredibly solid base. Crowns and bridges can then be attached to this, leaving your smile intact and your confidence at an all-time high.

This is a far cry from dentures which people complain are not only inconvenient but uncomfortable too. There is also something very distressing about having to take your teeth out at night to clean them; something which definitely does not boost self-confidence.  In fact, younger people can find it incredibly distressing to find that they are left with dentures, which is why dental implants can literally be a game changer.

During the last thirty years, dental implants have become commonplace and it is now a routine for your dentist to fit you with implants that have been carefully created to replace your own missing teeth.

Say hello to natural new teeth

Whilst dental implants are artificial teeth, they look and feel like entirely natural.  In fact, once your implants are built and fitted in place where the missing teeth were, a look in the mirror will leave you delighted, finding it hard to distinguish your dental implants from the teeth that were present before.

In fact, implants can look so much better as whilst you may have suffered from broken teeth or teeth that were crooked or damaged, your new implants will be a perfect colour and shape to match your face and the rest of your teeth.

Patients that choose dental implants can find their self-confidence well and truly restored and their wellbeing assured.  There are so many benefits when you opt to have dental implants fitted:

In fact, dental implants can last for the whole of a person’s life, unlike dentures that will have to be continually maintained and replaced.  Implants are incredibly comfortable and once patients get used to them, they can actually forget that teeth have been replaced. Another worry is that when missing teeth are not attended to, bone degeneration can take place, altering the shape of the face. Dental implants help to prevent this occurrence.

Choose from several types of natural-looking dental implants

As to which type of dental implant you should have, your dentist will guide you with this whilst  discussing your teeth restoration. There is more than one type of implant available including single tooth implants, multiple implants and all-on-four implants.  After a full and detailed consultation, your dentist will advise the best option for you.

With dental implants becoming so popular, it seems that dentures really are becoming out-of-date very fast.  Not only can dental implants simulate a natural tooth in so many ways, when you consider how much then can improve your overall sense of well-being and good health, they do not seem expensive.

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